CANI AGM 29th February 7.30pm

You are invited to the CANI AGM

When; 7.30pm on the 29th February

Where; The CANI building / Bryson Lagan Sports, Unit 2 Rivers Edge, 13 – 15 Ravenhill Road, Belfast, Bt68DN.

Why; CANI is a membership organisation and relies on volunteers playing an active role in its key committees which are CANI council, coaching committee, performance committee, equality committee and recreation committee. The committees play a key role in the strategic and operational developments of CANI and we need your help.

Are you willing to volunteer? If you willing to volunteer your time and skills for one of the committees please come along. Each of the committees require different skill sets which include the following; club, coaching, participation, performance, marketing and communications, PR, business and commercial.

We hope to see you at the AGM and if you are interested in volunteering for a role and you would like more details in advance contact Ashley Hunter on 02890738884 or e-mail

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