CANI invite you to the Annual General Meeting of The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland (the “Company”) at the Belfast Boat Club on the 14th November at 7.30pm.


The CANI Board is the body that is responsible for the strategic direction and oversees the operation of all CANI activity.

It is important that CANI has a board with a variety of experiences to ensure the future growth and success of the organisation. To aid this, the board have recruited directors based on skills and competencies to meet future requirements of a modern organisation.

The AGM will be held at the Belfast Boat Club and will start at 7.30pm. Tea and coffee will be served from 7pm.

The process of this AGM is as follows. 

  • Only current members are entitled to vote on the various resolutions as per the CANI Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Each CANI affiliated club is entitled to one vote, the club must nominate its representative in writing in advance of the meeting. The following text can be used; “We (Insert club name)nominate(Insert member name)to represent and vote on behalf of our club at the 2018 AGM”. This must be signed by a club official and received by the Company by the 11th November 2019.
  • If a member is unable to attend the meeting they can appoint someone to act on their behalf at the AGM; this is called a proxy. The proxy form can be downloaded below and must be received by the Company by the 11th November 2019.
  • The agenda for the AGM, including the resolutions, can be found below.
  • Annual report will be added by Saturday

Sub-committee elections

After the Company AGM there will be election of officers to the CANI sub committees which are; Coaching Panel, Performance Committee and Equality Action Committee. These committees play an important part in the development of canoeing across NI and we are seeking people with an interest within these areas. The committee meetings can be attended via conference call or in person. The committee chair will arrange the meeting place and time to accommodate the committee members.

We hope to see you at the AGM on the 14th November at 7.30pm. Tea and Coffee served from 7pm.


From the roundabout at Stranmillis University College take the Lockview Road towards Cutters Warf. Keep on the main road passing car parks and rowing clubs on the left-hand side. The Belfast Boat Club is the last building on the left.