Call for Discipline Support Module Providers

The BCU Discipline Support Modules are designed to assist coaches who currently hold BCU Coaching qualifications, and who want to develop their knowledge and skills in some of the more specialist disciplines.
As the BCU continues to grow the existing portfolio of Discipline Support Modules, we are starting the process of appointing providers for the following BCU Modules:

  • BCU Freestyle Support Module
  • BCU Canoe Polo Support Module
  • BCU Marathon Support Module
  • BCU Slalom Support Module

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be considered;
o Updated BCU Level 3 Coach (or equivalent); Applicants who would like to use their coaching experience in the discipline as equivalence for a Level 3 qualification should utilise the APL process. The next deadline for APL Applications is the 10th January 2014.
o Recent experience of educating Coaches
o Varied discipline coaching experience, including 6 session progressions
o Thorough understanding of tactical, technical, physical and psychological requirements of beginners

For more information and an application forms please contact CANI.

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