British Canoeing Awarding Body launch the NEW Performance Coach

British Canoeing Awarding Body is pleased to announce that the NEW Performance Coach Award is now available. 

The Performance Coach Award is an ideal programme for intrinsically driven, experienced coaches, who want to get better at coaching the paddlers they work with, and for those who seek recognition that their delivery meets enhanced levels of sophistication.

The learning journey is fluid and personalised to every coach who undertakes the programme. The key components of the award are the same but as an experienced coach, you will steer the direction and focus of your learning, in areas that are most relevant to you.

The Performance Coach Award is now available in 21 pathways, across all of our main disciplines and environments. 

Start your Performance Coach Journey today

The Learning Journey can be explored in more detail in the Performance Coach Course Guide

Check it’s for you

If you are interested in the programme, arrange a call with your National Association. This will help you assess the programme’s suitability for your specific learning needs and allow you to check that it will provide the learning opportunities you seek. 

Digital Coach Self-Analysis Tool

Take this opportunity to go through the Coach Self-Analysis Tool which will aid you in identifying specific areas of development, helping you to plan your own unique learning journey. Based on your responses you will also be signposted to appropriate resources to support your learning and development. 

Community of Learning Events

These events provide opportunities to explore ‘Performance Coaching’ and how this relates to ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ you coach. A calendar of 2-day, face-to-face events that take place over the next year is now available. Click here to find out upcoming dates and book online today!

At present these courses will only run if local government guidelines allow.

To read the course documents, please visit the British Canoeing Award Body website or find out more about the NEW Performance Coach here.

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