British Canoeing Awarding Body announces NEW Introduction to White Water Safety Course

The Introduction to White Water Safety course is designed to support paddlers to become effective group members on grade 2 water. This one day course is suitable for anyone starting out on their white water paddling journey, wanting to explore the role of an effective group member and learn simple strategies and safe skills that can provide the tools to solve common paddling issues. Topics covered include Clothing and equipment, the White Water environment, preparing for the river trip, Swimming techniques and many more. Paddlers will rescue from their preferred craft, which can include kayaks, canoes and stand up paddleboards.

‘This new addition to the suite of British Canoeing Awarding Body White Water Safety training courses is to support those paddlers either new or novice to the white water environment.  

This one day course is ideal for clubs and groups that provide pre-season training and we hope that there are many coaches in these organisations that would become providers enabling them to deliver a formal Awarding Body course, and gain support from orientations, community events and additional resources. 

The programme provides those attending plenty of practice time on how to be a positive member of the group whilst on the river, whatever craft they paddle.’

  • Lee Pooley – Director of Coaching & Qualifications

Participants need to either hold the relevant British Canoeing Awarding Body Personal Performance Award or equivalent ability in/on their preferred craft due to the paddling environment and the boat/board control required to complete the course.

The Introduction to White Water Safety is a 6-hour programme that consists of 9 modules. This can be delivered in a day or as a series of modules and is available to all ages.

The NEW  Introduction to White Water Safety course will be available from 1st September  2023.

Further updates will be promoted via the British Canoeing Awarding Body website and the ‘Catch up with Coaching’ newsletter.

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