British Canoeing announces the new Personal Performance Awards

British Canoeing has today announced the launch of the NEW Personal Performance Awards to encourage more people to take part in paddlesport and to develop their skills on the water.

New Personal Performance Awards on youtube.

The Personal Performance Awards are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment they choose.

The process of completing the awards is based on learning and, as such, the ethos of ‘supporting the paddler’ is the main focus of all the awards, encouraging individuals in their personal development.

The new Personal Performance Awards include:

  • Paddle Awards: Three introductory awards – Start, Discover, Explore – that are designed for those new to paddlesport
  • Discipline Specific Awards: 12 pathways comprising three awards which enables paddlers to choose the environment, craft and paddle sport discipline that is right for them

“British Canoeing is delighted to be announcing the NEW Personal Performance Awards that will replace the existing ‘Star Awards’ from January 2019.  The development of the NEW awards has been an exciting project with many paddlers involved in creating Personal Performance Awards for paddlers, as well as people new to paddlesport.

This is such an exciting time for British Canoeing to have awards that are paddler focused, develops confidence, decision making and skills in a craft and environment that the individual chooses.”

– Lee Pooley, Head of Coaching and Qualifications at British Canoeing

Over the coming months, British Canoeing will roll out the awards by completing the following milestones:

  • Autumn 2018: British Canoeing will launch the content of the awards
  • Autumn 2018: British Canoeing Awarding Body will launch the Provider eLearning to support the delivery of the awards
  • January 2019: Personal Performance Awards will be available throughout the UK

Further updates will be promoted via the CANI and British Canoeing website and the ‘Catch up with Coaching’ newsletter. 

Please see the following documents that support the Personal Performance Awards, these will inform you of the content overview and provider requirements:


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