Becoming a provider of the new Paddlesport Leader Award.

This is a new and exciting offer within the suite of awards developed and offered by British Canoeing and, as such, it is gratifying that you have shown interest in wanting to deliver it.

CANI envisage that the interest in the Paddlesport Leader Award will be high and indeed impact on the overall numbers of individuals signing up to take a Level 1 qualification – therefore we will need to ensure that we have an appropriate resource of providers sitting behind this development. That said, and while we will want to make sure that providers are developed both in terms of demand and geographical spread, we wish to ensure that provision is balanced and that we can support them appropriately moving forwards.

Recognising the above issues, we aim to closely manage the role out of providers in Northern Ireland from year one to five, capping the number of providers accepted to eight.

The workforce plan;

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
4 Existing Coach Educators or Leadership Providers 4 Existing Coach Educators or Leadership Providers 2 Existing Coach Educators or Leadership Providers 2 Existing Coach Educators or Leadership Providers 0 Existing Coach Educators or Leadership Providers
4 New Paddlesport Leader Providers 4 New Paddlesport Leader Providers 4 New Paddlesport Leader Providers 6 New Paddlesport Leader Providers 8 New Paddlesport Leader Providers

2017 Paddlesport Provider Applications – CANI

Applications for the role of Paddlesport Leader Provider for 2017 will be accepted between the 26th January – 16th February 2017. Following the closure of the application period, applications will be considered against the wider British Canoeing requirements outlined in the documents attached, as well as against a more specific workforce plan for Northern Ireland. Further details and the course guide can also be found on the British Canoeing website via the following link:

This plan requires CANI to ensure that its workforce is both current in terms of theoretical and practical delivery as well as having a solid multi boat based background and solid experience of Stand Up Paddleboard activity. Providers should be prepared to commit to the delivery of a minimum of 4 courses per year.  Additionally, the plan requires that we encourage new Providers in to the coach educator arena and we particularly welcome interest from female coaches.

Candidates invited to attend training will be required to successfully complete both theoretical and practical aspects of the training.

The folder below contains the following documents;

  1. Role Description for Paddlesport Leader Providers – this provides an outline of the role’s key responsibilities and personal profile requirements for prospective providers.
  2. Paddlesport Leader Provider Requirements – this provides an indication of the recruitment and development requirements for prospective providers.
  3. Application for Paddlesport Leader Provider role – this is to be completed and returned to Rodger Hamilton Club and Coaching Officer, email: should you wish to apply.

Documents 1 and 2 provide a clear overview of the general role, requirements and competencies of prospective providers across British Canoeing as a whole.   Document 3 is the application form you should submit if you wish to apply for the role.

Applications will be considered during the latter part of February and initial offers made to prospective providers at the end of February. If your application is successful, a training/orientation fee of £250 will apply to secure your place. This fee includes training, orientation and support through to final sign off.

Should you require any further details, in the first instance please contact Rodger Hamilton Club and Coaching Officer; E: M:07747794343

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