Become a Course Provider

The following section outlines information for those wishing to become Course Providers and the roles that CANI are currently recruiting for.

It is acknowledged that individuals working towards becoming a Provider have different levels of experience, knowledge and skills. It is recommended that a development plan is considered to gain experience, working with different Providers and in different environments prior to submitting an application. For anyone new to providing British Canoeing awards, it may be useful to construct a development plan with a more experienced Provider or a National Association Trainer.  

Please visit the British Canoeing Awarding Body website for the relevant Course Documents.

Note, the following information is for the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland members. Please visit your National Association website to find out about upcoming Orientations and application information. 

Provider Recruitment September 2023 Phase 1 and Phase 2 below

PHASE 1: Applications open from 6th September 2023 and will close Wednesday 4th October at 12pm (noon)

**Instructor Roles**

Paddlesport Instructor Tutor Recruitment

**Leadership Roles**

Paddlesport Leader Provider Recruitment

**Safety and Rescue Roles**

Inland Open Water Safety and Rescue Tutor

Introduction to White Water Safety Tutor

Sea Kayak Safety and Rescue Tutor

PHASE 2: Applications open from 19th September 2023 and will close Tuesday 17th October at 12pm (noon)

**Instructor Roles**

SUP Instructor Tutor

**Leadership Roles**

Paddlesport Touring Leader Provider

**Safety and Rescue Roles**

Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Tutor

SUP Safer Tutor