Beaver tooth Coaching -Open Canoe Personal and Leadership Skills Development.

Open Canoe Personal & Leadership Skills Development (traditional style)

Objective:          Paddling and leading in the moderate water environments.

Course:               Three day modular course that will train and prepare the paddler to operate confidently and competently in moderate water environments suitable to open canoes.  See Canoe Leader & moderate water definition: Canoe Leader Award

Dates:                 Weather conditions met, first 3 suitable days from: 6-8, 13-15, 20-22 October 2017.

Content:             Personal paddling – necessary to travel on rivers and open water classified as moderate; including paddle/boat skills, lining, tracking, poling, sailing, rafting and using your environment to your advantage.  Leadership skills – to empower the paddler to lead a small group of equal paddlers safely on a river or open water moderate water environment.  It will also cover the extended day trip whether planned or not.  Safety, rescue and dealing with emergencies – what you need to know to reduce the risk of becoming or creating casualties and when it happens, knowing how to effectively and efficiently deal with it.   The hands on sessions will address planning, loading a boat to aid rescues and rescuing multi boat rafts.

Who for:            This course is for anyone who is a confident steady intermediate paddler who wants to develop their personal and or leadership skills.  The British Canoeing benchmark to join this course is 3 Star Open Canoe.  You will have some experience of paddling G2 moving water, paddled at least 10-12K days and know how to camp.  If you just want to be a better traditional paddler, lead your mates safely down a grade 2 river or on open water up to force 4 or you want the Open Canoe Leader (Old 4 Star), then sign up for this course, it is designed for you.

How:                   The 3 modular days will evolve to suit the weather conditions to ensure proper conditions are experienced so you are prepared to operate in the moderate environment.  If conditions do not avail, another time will be agreed. Typically it will be 2 days followed by 1 day or perhaps 3 days in a row (Friday-Sunday).  Candidates need to be prepared to travel to venues that will present the environment required.  This may require camping or other personal choice of accommodation.

Terms:                Booking on this course requires payment.  Once a group is committed the dates and structure will be agreed as above, taking the first suitable days.  Paddlers must have all their own equipment and it must be fit for purpose.  Once booked on the course, a detailed sheet will be emailed setting out what specifics are required.

Contact:             Hugo Dale –

Hugo is a level 5 coach with over 40 yrs paddling and 35 yrs coaching experience.

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