BCU UKCC Level 3 Coach Core Training

Tollymore National Outdoor Centre will be hosting the second of the BCU UKCC Level 3 Core Training from Sunday 28th – Tuesday 30th June. The programme will be delivered through a blend of practical classroom and ‘on the water’ sessions.

The aim of the BCU (UKCC) Level 3 Core Training Programme is to focus on the ‘how’ of coaching in a long term environment. This will provide you with the tools to plan, deliver and review a long term programme of activity in your specialist discipline(s) particularly where you are likely to have responsibilities for participants’ development for up to a year.

The Level 3 Coach Core programme provides an indepth look at the coaching process in the context of intermediate and long term coaching. As such the programme will cover aspects of the following:

• Understand the role and responsibilities of a BCU Level 3 Paddlesport Coach
• To be able to safely deliver a series of 12 pre-planned discipline specific sessions over the course of a year
• Consolidation of and advancement of Level 2 Coaching Processes
• Develop coaching process to promote long term learning for studentsTo profile and create a plan to aid a learners development
• To coach autonomously and develop participants paddlesport performance at an intermediate level
• Evaluate and analyse participants’ performance
• Review strategies for coaching and performance

At the end of the three days you will be given a clear action plan as to how to progress to the discipline specific training part of the BCU Level 3 and then how to continue on to your Level 3 Coach Assessment.

For further information on the Level 3 Core Training and how to book please follow link; Level 3 Coach Core Training

Please follow link for Level 3 Core Training Course Guide, Pre Requisites and Registration. Details are in the folder under BCU UKCC Level 3 Coach Award – BCU UKCC Level 3 Coach Award Candidate Guidance and Resources.

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