BCU Coaching Review

BCU Coaching Review – CANI Statement 18th August 2009

In response to concerns raised by Canoe Wales in January 2009 and also by some specific CANI clubs and members, CANI supported a call for a review of the governance, management and implementation of the new coaching scheme, which includes the UKCC endorsed coaching awards as well as the various personal performance awards. This concept was approved by the BCU board at their meeting in March 2009 and the Chief Executives of the four home nations subsequently met to work up the details of the review. This led to the BCU announcement on 4th August.

The review will start next month and the first actions will be to agree and adopt the terms of reference for, and to confirm the composition of, the review panel.

The review has come about from Sports Coach UK and BCU identifying the need and each home nation agreed that the review should happen. The following are some key points about the review.

· This review process has been under consideration and planning for almost a year. It was decided that the time was right to proceed, with the benefits of some experience of the new scheme in operation but before it had become so firmly established that it would not be easily revised;

· The review panel is independent of the UK Coaching Management Committee and National Source Group which are responsible for the governance and design of the scheme respectively, but the panel members do have appropriate experience of sports governance, canoeing at all levels and coaching to allow them to produce a well informed review;

· It has already been established that all existing coaching qualifications will remain current subject to remaining updated. Thus the existence of the new scheme does not stop any existing coaches from coaching, and there are a variety of progression routes available.

The review panel will consist of members from all four of the home nations that make up the BCU. This means that in-person meeting time will be limited and so the best way to provide input is in writing so that panel members can read and consider such submissions before their in-person meetings. Making points in person is not a practical option with so many people involved in the scheme and considering the likely level of interest in making submissions.

CANI is very happy to receive submissions from any of our members (individuals or clubs) and indeed we encourage you to participate to ensure that the widest possible ranges of experiences (positive and otherwise) are reflected in the review. All correspondence received will be forwarded to the panel members for consideration and will be recorded in the report when it is produced, although due to the number expected it is not likely that each will receive a direct personal response.

Due to the tight timescales that the Review Group is operating to, it will not be able to consider a whole range of additional verbal evidence other than what is already planned to be received. Should a CANI member wish to make a comment/raise a concern they may do so in the form of a written submission to Stephen Craig using president@cani.org.uk who will then ensure it is placed in front of the Review Group. Any written submission must clearly identify which of the review areas it is addressing. Receipt of the submission will be noted in the final report under the ‘papers considered’ section.

There will be further updates on CANI website and in the September CANI newsletter.

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