10 a.m. Sunday 15 May
Shaws Bridge – FEE – £3

Use the brand new CANI stable racing kayaks to try competitive paddling in fast kayaks.

Note: BCC does not have any changing facilities!

In event of high water levels, sessions may be postponed.

Minimum paddling standard:

Paddlers must be competent to swim with a buoyancy aid, have previous experience of kayaking, and be confident with support strokes . All ages are welcome.

by simple e-mail to malcolm.kerry@o2.co.uk or text to 07714245376 by 2pm 14th May giving paddlers name, and if under 18 age and parent’s mobile number.



Belfast Canoe Club has a proud record as the oldest canoe club in Northern Ireland.

It was founded in 1960, and had major influence in the setting up and early years of both the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland and the Irish Canoe Union.

BCC paddlers have had more international competitive honours than all other clubs in NI.

In recent years it had been a loose association of ‘mature’ paddlers and a conduit for scouts to become involved in the sport of canoeing: despite small numbers, it still had disproportionate success in competitive canoeing, always being in the top 3 competitive clubs in CANI.

In order to widen the opportunities for young people to become involved, the club has recently re-formed on a more formal basis, with the objective of promoting canoeing, particularly competitive canoe racing, in the Belfast Area. We are now actively recruiting both youth membership and adults with basic kayaking skills interested in competitive paddling.

We believe this is a niche which is not adequately covered by other Clubs, and we envisage that some individuals, particularly coaches, will be members of more than 1 Club

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