Bann, Newry Canal and Cusher Recreational Paddle – Saturday 6th May 2017

Over 30 paddlers met at Portadwon Boat Club on the river Bann on Saturday 6th May.  The group paddled up the ban to the point of white coat and then entered the Newry Canal where the 3 river join together.  From here, they paddled up to Moneypenny’s lock and stopped to have a pleasent lunch with the blacksmiths.  After lunch the group paddled back down the Newry Canal, as there was a blockage in the Cusher River.  They finished off again at the boat club.  It was a beautiful day for a paddle and it was great to see so many new faces.  CANI would like to thank C3 and all of it’s coaches and volunteers for running such an excellent paddle.

Please click here for some photos from the day.

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