Athlete Investment 2015-2016

CANI are in the process of applying to Sport N.I for financial support for CANI athletes for the coming season. Athletes who meet the performance standards (see below) will be considered for support. CANI may also support athletes who are progressing towards achieving the development level within the performance standards. We appreciate that athletes can have a good or not so good season so if you have been supported in the past and narrowly missed your targets please re-apply to be considered.

  1. The application form is in word format and will allow you to add as much detail in the boxes as required.
  2. If you didn’t meet your targets last year, help us to understand why.
  3. If you don’t meet the performance standards but you feel you are close to the level please fill in the form and provide a good overview of your progress and plans for the coming year.
  4. Provide detailed financial projections showing costs for each item / event / service.
  5. The sprint standards are not published so if you wish to be considered against them contact CANI and clarification will be provided.
  6. Living costs should be detailed under other costs.

 As part of the same application we will be nominating athletes for living costs. This programme aims to enable athletes to train in order to maximise potential.  This element of funding is only likely to be awarded to a small number of athletes who meet World Class or International performance standards and whose circumstances have changed, or are likely to change significantly allowing them to adequately prepare for major competition. Only in very exceptional circumstances will those athletes deemed to be Developmental be considered for a Living Costs award. Use the other box in the financial for this section.

CANI will make a nomination on behalf of athletes who;

  • Demonstrate an intention to change their circumstances to improve their performance levels:
  • Demonstrate that a change of circumstances has happened which has been necessary for the athlete to improve their performance levels: Examples of these may include:
  • Demonstrate that their training and competition programme is significantly reducing their ability to meet the costs of daily living;
  • Demonstrate that relocation has been necessary to ensure access to appropriate facilities and/or expertise:

Following CANI’s nomination Sport N.I will contact athletes to seek further information to be considered.

If you would like to be considered for Athlete Investment and or living costs for the 2015 – 2016 season you will need to return the application form (Below) by email to by 4pm on the 23rd February. Forms received after this date will not be considered.

If you have any questions contact CANI.