Are you an existing UKCC Level 2 MWE Coach or a BCU Level 3 Coach or above looking to further develop your coaching?

L3Coach L3Coach2

Do your intermediate paddlers want to advance? Is it time to advance your coaching?

As a UKCC Level 3 coach you will become a discipline-specialist coach who can plan, implement and analyse long term coaching programmes.

If your passion lies in performance disciplines, sea, river or surf in moderate water conditions and creating and delivering 6 plus sessions to the same students then this is the right award for you.

It is an appropriate level of qualification for those who are in charge of paddlesport activities in a club/centre or as a working professional. It is available in the main paddlesport disciplines.

CANI in conjunction with your local paddlesport providers plan to deliver a pathway of courses that will enable you to gain your UKCC Level 3 Coach. Further information can be found at UKCC Level 3 Coach or for help in discussing a pathway that would suit you best please contact Rodger at

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