April Nottingham Regatta

The following report was provided by CANI Sprint Squad member Zoe Thompson on her experiences during the British Canoeing Sprint Regatta in Nottingham

Craig Wilson, Jordan Calder, Gino Baban & I attended the National Sprint Regatta in Nottingham on the 8th April & 9th April. Talent Coach Matt McKnight kindly brought out boats over on the trailer along with Sprint Coach Ray Sweetlove who came over to coach us & calm our nerves. His expertise & guidance was, as always much appreciated.

My first race was 200m sprint in Girls C class. I came 3rd in my heat with a time of 54.38 secs. The final was extremely close & I came 5th, only 0.85 seconds slower than the first place. On Sunday I had a busy day racing K1, K2 & K4. We came 4th in the K2 heat securing a place in the final, we also came 4th in the final with a time of 52.55 secs. I raced a K4 boat with other girls from Ireland, forming the first Irish K4 female crew in many years. We had not paddled together before & respectively came 4th in the 500m final.

Gino raced at Masters A & came first in K1 200m final with a fantastic speed of 44.10 seconds. He also secured a first in the 500m final & 1000m final with a time of 4:31.02.

Jordan raced in Men’s D and came 1st in his heat & first in the 200m final.  He came 4th in the 500m final with a time of 2:29.60. These fantastic results saw Jordan getting promoted to Men’s C Class. Congratulations Jordan.

Craig was racing in Men’s C class & came 4th in his heat with time of 49.51, he came 8th in the final but knocked 2.3 seconds off his race time which was a fantastic achievement. He came 6th in the 500m final with a time of 2:26.37.

We had a fantastic weekend & were paddling in temperatures of over 25 degrees. I think we made CANI proud as we had all improved on our times which was an excellent start to the racing season. There were over 55 clubs competing with over 400 athletes competing over the weekend.

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