Anti-Doping Education Strategy

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CANI is committed to promoting and supporting doping-free sport within Northern Ireland. We recognise the contribution that sport can make to health, national pride and social development when supported by a strong ethical and moral environment in which to develop.

Integrity, fairness, equity and respect as values are core to success in canoeing. CANI is committed to playing their part in ensuring that the canoeing community provides an environment that supports fair play and doping-free sport, which can be nourished by a clear and comprehensive education and information strategy.

CANI, together with British Canoeing, is working in accordance to the UK Anti-Doping rules, which are the UK’s interpretation and application of the WADA code. The basic principle is to protect the right of the canoeist to compete in doping-free sport. As a National Association, CANI adopts and supports British Canoeing’s Anti-Doping Education Strategy and the Vision, Mission, Principles and Objectives therein. CANI has outlined this three-year plan as an implementation plan for Northern Ireland.

As part of the code, CANI is committed to supporting and providing anti-doping education to its canoeists and wider support personnel, at a variety of levels to ensure all canoeists remain current with anti-doping information and can make informed choices.

To ensure CANI supports the philosophy of doping-free sport, an education strategy has been developed in conjunction with SportNI Pure Winner and UK Anti-Doping, which is based on a long-term and systematic approach to anti-doping education to firmly integrate this into a canoeist’s development.


Support Personnel and CANI Performance Athlete Pathway – Education Mapping


How will CANI deliver this Anti-Doping Message


Annual Plan

  • Hold an annual Anti-Doping workshop with Home Nation Team Coaches and Support Staff.
  • Discuss at length with any person who commits an ADRV to evaluate the education they received and identify any areas of improvement.
  • In addition to the Annual Objectives the following objectives have been set for years 1-3.

Year 1

  • Identify and train one staff member as the key Anti-Doping Contact person and ensure completion of UKAD Educator Course.
  • Identify lead coaches within the performance programmes (Sprint/Slalom/Surf) and enrol them in UKAD Clean Sport CPD Module.
  • Include Downloaded substance/drug factsheets on Anti-Doping section of the CANI Website.
  • Hold a parents Anti-Doping session where advice is provided to parents of Canoe Slalom/Sprint and Surf Programmes. To be held annually.

Year 2

  • Identify and enrol 1-2 individuals, selected from CANI Clubs on the UKAD Advisors course and UKAD Clean Coach Course. These individuals can then educate members within their Club environment. This will become an annual objective.
  • Roll out education sessions to other canoe sport disciplines in Northern Ireland, which will become an annual objective, ensuring that key coaches, team managers and athletes are invited, engaged and informed.
  • Launch a local ambassador programme using selected Northern Ireland Canoeing Athletes.
  • Actively engage with SportNI Clean Sport Opportunities for Anti-Doping Lead.
  • Review and update the education strategy if required.

Year 3

  • Identify and enrol an individual selected from the CANI Club Structure or Performance Coaching Staff on the UKAD Educator Training Course. This individual will then support and provide for the education of athletes within the Northern Ireland Performance Squads.
  • Lead Anti-Doping Educator to attend the UKAD forum for Anti-Doping Educators


The complete CANI Anti-Doping Education Strategy can be found in the folder below: