Amber Survey – Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers

Dear Paddler


My name is Peter Jones, I am a researcher at Swansea University working on a project called AMBER – Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers ( This is a Europe-wide project aiming to improve the management of river barriers to increase connectivity and address the ecological impacts caused by river fragmentation. A main deliverable of this project is to develop a comprehensive socio-economic and hydro-ecological framework for guiding the restoration of local river ecosystems. A key part of this process is assessing social attitudes towards river barriers. We are therefore contacting river users like yourselves for your opinions on the utility of river barriers, their ecological impacts, and what resources should be directed at mitigating river fragmentation.

We have created an online questionnaire on SurveyMonkey ( and I would be grateful if you/your members could take a couple of minutes to fill it in. We are interested in the attitudes of all ‘river users’ so please feel free to forward this to any other interested parties. All answers are anonymous and should the results of the survey be published, no personal information will be disclosed.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,


Peter Jones

Dr Peter Jones

Research  Technician

AMBER project

Aquaculture Staff Office 039


Swansea University

Office: 01792 295529



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