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What personal paddling are you involved in outside of coaching?

I am always planning my next 3/4 days sea kayaking trip and I love a good day’s white water paddling in the hills of Donegal. During spring and summer I can drive 15 minutes down the road from home to amazing surf spots and have the whole beach to myself while I enjoy the waves crashing around me at 6am in the morning, sets me up for a day of working in the wonderful outdoors at Inish Adventures.


Where are your favorite places to paddle?

I have many favorite places to paddle but if I break it down to disciplines then I would pick the following;

  • French Alps for White Water
  • Inishtrahull for Sea Kayaking
  • Ballyliffen for Surfing


What expedition experience do you have?

Over my years off paddling I have been part of lots of expeditions, I have been to the following locations White Water Kayaking French, Italian & Austrian Alps. I have been abroad on these trips over the following years, 91/92/93/97/2006/2013. These trips have always benefited my personal & coaching skills as I find you really develop your skills more when you push yourself.


What coaching qualifications do your currently hold?

Level 4 A4 coach inland /sea /touring
Level 3 surf
5 Star Sea/Inland
4 Star Surf/Open Boat


For how many years have you been coaching?

I have been coaching for about 28 years.


What age groups do you coach?

I coach all age groups from the age of 4 right up to 60 + year olds, I believe in giving people of all ages and abilities a go at our wonderful sport.


What courses, disciplines and at what level do you deliver?

4 Star Inland/Sea/Touring

3 Star Inland/Sea/Touring/Surf/Open Boat

2 Star Kayak & Canoe

White Water Safety Rescue/Foundation Safety Rescue Training/Costal Navigation

UKCC BCU Level 1 Coach in Paddle Sport

UKCC BUC Level2 Coach in Paddle Sport


Where do you deliver?

I deliver courses mainly out of my centre in Moville “Inish Adventures” but you will also find me all across Northern Ireland delivering BCU Qualifications. I spend a lot of time in the Share Holiday Village delivering training to their trainee.

Sea Kayaking Course I try using the whole coastline of Inishowen and the west coast of Donegal.

White Water Course are run were we have water, Some of my favourite rivers for delivering training sessions are the Crana, Mourne & Ownekilew.

Surfing is where the surf has the nice waves.

Open Boating can be anywhere I feel I would like to explore.


How have you contributed to the development of paddle sport in CANI & British Canoeing?

Personal I feel that over the years through different way I have tried to always contribute to the further development of others ability within the paddling community.

I have a personal love for introducing juniors to are sport and coaching them through there awards, presently I am training my daughter and a local lad in Moville in slalom; they are attending the development squad in Dublin. I get a lot of satisfaction in seeing juniors doing well and getting recognised for their achievements within are sport.

In 2009 I founded Just Kayak witch I have now re branded to “Inish Adventures” through this Company of mind I run the Crana Fest weekend in Buncrana this is the biggest Kayaking Event on the Irish Kayak/Canoe Calendar, expect to attack over 900 paddlers in 2015. It has grown to a massive event in its short life time. My aims and aspirations for this event go even further than anyone else can imagine.

Over the past three years I have started to develop another event with huge potential within the kayaking community called the Inishowen Sea Symposium, we are bring in the top Sea Kayaking Coaches and guides while combining their expertise with the dynamic environment Inishowen offers for the best experience we can offer kayakers. The event is getting amazing reviews from paddlers and coaches that attend.

I have been part of the steering group that have set up the Paddle 4 Sport League.

I have been involve in Clubs for most of my paddling life and when I set up my business I developed a New club “Just Kayak Canoe Club” this involved me coaching and developing complete beginners into 4 Star Paddlers and 5 Star Trainees. I get a lot of enjoyment from seeing the development of this brand new club of Local Inishowen Kids and Adults. I now mainly leave the running of the club to its members but still play an important role in, insuring the continued growth of its membership.


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