AccessNI Important updates

CANI is a registered body with AccessNI and is authorised to carry out AccessNI checks for CANI Clubs.

CANI was recently audited by AccessNI which identified a number of updates to be carried. CANI have updated documents and added new policies which are on the safeguarding / AccessNI section of the CANI website. The important document to read and to follow is the NEW “instructions on how to apply for an AccessNI check” which will guide you through the changes and ensure that CANI can carry out checks will no delay.

If you are responsible for AccessNI checks in your club you should refer to the new instructions. To complete this update process CANI will be sending all clubs a service level agreement which will be required before any AccessNI applications are received from a club.

If you have any questions about AccessNI in relation to CANI contact the CANI office and we will do our best to help.

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