5 ideas for your learning and development during social distancing

Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Guides, we know this period of social distancing is a difficult time and is having an enormous impact on the paddling community. We have some top tips and recommendations to maintain your learning and development journey from the comfort of your sofa, to enable you to gather knowledge and grow your coaching skills during this time.  

  1. Delve into the digital library – This FREE online tool includes a wide range of resources to support your learning and development across the disciplines, from videos, audio books, blogs, presentations, academic research and much more, there’s something for everyone!
  2. Explore the eLearning packages – There are a range of knowledge bites including ‘Buoyage’, ‘Nutrition and Hydration’ and ‘Introduction to Environmental Awareness’. Alternatively, check out the ‘Develop your Coaching Craft’ and ‘Leadership’ eLearning, to support your coaching and leading. Now could be a great time to work through the ‘Personal Performance Awards eLearning’ so you’re ready to run the awards once we’re back out on the water!
  3. Develop using the Coach Self-Analysis Tool – This tool enables you to gauge your current level of understanding, skill and knowledge in your chosen discipline. This tool then gives you a personal overview of your current practice, giving a holistic overview, as well as a specific breakdown in each of the areas. The analysis offers considerations of how you may want to support your continual learning and development.
  4. Listen to ‘the Coaching Podcast – The Coaching Podcast, hosted by Lee Pooley, Sid Sinfield and Pete Catterall, explore a range of topics including ‘How can we make our assessments empowering?’, ‘Maximising sessions through good gate sessions’ and ‘How to get started and develop as a Coach?’.
  5. Become a Guide or complete an APL application – Now is a great opportunity to gather your evidence and complete a Guide Endorsement Form or an ‘Accredited Prior Learning’ form if you’re looking to bypass training. Once we’re back on the water, you can then complete the final steps of the Guide Endorsement or take your assessment.

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