Parents in Sports Week // Workshops


In association with Parents in Sport Week

Date: Mon 2 October 2017 Wed 4 October 2017
Venue: Foyle Arena, Derry Crowne Plaza, Belfast
Time: 6.00pm    Tea, coffee, sandwiches

6.30pm    Workshop


SportNI Pure Winner initiative has been established to educate and inform athletes and athlete support personnel about key issues concerning doping in sport, supporting athletes to prepare and succeed in competition.   The programme furthers understanding of anti-doping rights and responsibilities, and the value of clean sport.

Educating young and talented athletes, their support personnel and families to ensure they have the necessary tools to train and compete clean is important at that vital stage in their sporting career.  SportNI is proud to support their journey along the sporting pathway.

As part of Parents in Sport week, SportNI will be running two Pure Winner education workshops, delivered specifically for parents so they have the capability to support their children to meet their anti-doping responsibilities.   The workshops will focus on the key areas of anti-doping such as checking which medications are permitted in sport, the risks associated with supplement use, what happens in a drug test and the anti-doping rules (which apply to parents and support personnel too!).    The knowledge gained will help parents support their child to ‘be clean and stay clean’ throughout their careers.

For further information on the Pure Winner Parents Clean Sport Workshops contact:



T:    02890383852 – Gillian Gilliland Anti-Doping Assistant

M:   07870493651 – Wendy Henderson Anti-Doping Consultant

T:    @PureWinnerNI

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