100% ME – Pure Sport, True Talent


Anti-doping ensures that there is fair competition. Through testing and monitoring, anti doping procedures help to ensure that athletes are not taking substances to enhance their performance, with the overall aim to make sport clean.

In partnership with UK Anti-doping, ‘100% Me‘ is an organisation that has been set up to support and champion clean sport. Their objective is to inform, support and educate athletes through their career by providing anti-doping advice and guidance.

“It is about being a true athlete. It’s about being able to say my performance is 100% me. There is no secret to my success – just hard work, determination and talent.”

100% me embodies five key values:
• Hard work
• Determination
• Passion
• Respect
• Integrity

To find out more about the work of 100% Me or to find out how to get involved, visit ukad.org.uk/education/athletes/100percentme/

Visit the 100% Me Facebook Page Here.


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