Surf Kayak and Waveski

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Surf Kayaking and Waveski are an exhilarating dynamic display of canoeing that require a combination of freestyle, white water skills and the finesse and timing of a board surfer. It sees athletes take on some of biggest waves in the ocean.

Paddlers compete in heats of 3-5 people trying to make their surfing feel and look as dynamic and fast as possible. Generating speed on a wave allows them to perform top turns, bottom turns, cutbacks and even aerial tricks. This is all judged from the beach and the person with the highest score wins.

There are three categories that both women and men can compete in, these are Short Boat (HP) Long Boat (IC) and Waveski.

Short boats are shorter than 3 meters in length, designed to work with fins and to perform similar to surf boards with tight fast turns and agile surfing.

Long boats are over 3 meters in length, designed to work without any fins and to perform similar to a long board and to catch waves easily.

Waveskis are like a sit on top but specifically designed for the surf with fins. They are fast and radical craft.

CANI run a Performance Programme within Surf Kayak and Waveski for athletes who have progressed through the CANI Club Talent ID Process or Junior Blader Programmes. These programmes are aligned to the CANI Performance Athlete Pathway and are designed to enable talented Northern Irish athletes to go on to win medals at World and European Level.

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