Performance Disciplines

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Canoeing is an exciting sport and for those competitively minded, canoeing really comes into its own. For those who enjoy the thrill of competing there is the chance to take part in many competitions, starting in your local area and progressing all the way up to representing your country and even going to the Olympic or Paralympic Games.

For many people, competitive canoeing soon becomes an all-consuming hobby.

Ready to get into competitive canoeing?

There are so many different forms of competitive canoeing to choose from:

CANI run Performance Programmes within Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprint and Surf Kayak and Waveski. These programmes cater for those athletes who have progressed through the CANI Club Talent ID Process, CANI Talent ID Academies or Junior Blader Programmes and wish to commit to entering the CANI Performance Athlete Pathway.