National Go Canoeing Week 2018

Northern Ireland boosts over 15000 KM of Rivers and streams, 21 lakes to indulge in, and over 500 miles of a beautiful coastline, so why not ‘GO CANOEING’

Clubs and Providers

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Activities and Ideas

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National Go Canoeing Week is an annual campaign, aiming to raise the profile of the sport, at a national level and encourage as many people as possible to pick up a paddle and get out on the water! The event challenges the nation to see how many miles we can paddle as a collective throughout the week. It is a fantastic chance to come together and celebrate the sport with paddlers old and new. The 2018 mileage target has been set to 45,000 miles.

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Whether your paddling with a club or provider during National Go Canoeing Week or not, you can still get involved with clubs to continue to develop your paddling ability.

Get involved with a club or provider and start developing your paddling ability, have fun and socialise with others.