Paddlepower Awards

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Paddlepower is an exciting scheme that has been designed to meet the needs of young people. Its colourful and youth centred approach aims to:

  • Encourage more young people to come into and stay in the sport
  • Provide progression and reward achievement in a wide range of topics
  • Show them all aspects of the sport – both competitive and adventurous
  • Provide a signpost into Clubs where their skills and development can be nurtured
  • Provide a flexible structure for delivery according to venue/situation

The scheme has recently been revised and now comprises of 5 Awards to support a young paddler’s introduction and progress in Paddlesport.

The Paddlepower Awards

  • Paddlepower Start – an entry-level award suitable for taster sessions or as part of a series of sessions.
  • Paddlepower Passport – four progressive levels based on 24 topics which can be grouped into Safety Awareness, Paddling Skills, Varied Experiences, and Supporting Knowledge. The award is equivalent to 1 Star.
  • Paddlepower Discover – this follows on from Passport with a further 4 levels to take the young paddler to equivalent of 2 star standard.
  • Paddlepower Explore – three different levels take the paddler on an extensive journey exploring the great variety Paddlesport, with topics focused on participation in events and journeys in the competitive and non-competitive disciplines.
  • Paddlepower Excel – three levels to test the paddler on all elements of Paddlesport including being responsible for self and others, participation in journeys, coaching sessions, training, events/competitions in a variety of disciplines, background knowledge of the sport; access, rules, environmental, nutrition and goal setting.


At Paddlepower Start there is a certificate which is awarded by the coach. This also has space for an organisation to add its contact details to signpost the paddler to future courses.

For each award after Start there is a colourful 6 page Progress Card for the young paddler to record their progress and to encourage them to move to the next stage. On completion of the award the youth sends the Progress Card to British Canoeing to receive a certificate.

Who can deliver the Awards?

A Level 1 coach or previous coaching scheme Level 2 Coach can deliver Paddlepower Start and Paddlepower Passport, after that a BCU UKCC Level 2 coach is required. To deliver Explore and Excel a Level 2 coach with Discipline Specific Experience is required.

How is Paddlepower Different from the Star Awards?

Paddlepower has been designed around the needs of young people – fun, colourful and with easily identifiable progression mapped to the Long Term Paddler Development framework. British Canoeing recommend Paddlepower is most suitable for young people aged 14 or under and the Star Awards for most paddlers aged over 16.

How do I get started?

A starter pack containing the coaches manual, a Paddlepower Start Certificate, a Paddlepower Passport, Discover, Explore and Excel Progress Card and a sample of the ‘well done’ sticker can be purchased from CANI or 02890738884

The folder below has the New Paddlepower Coaches Manual, Paddlepower Progression Table and Paddlepower Order Form for you to download.