British Canoeing Star Awards

So you have just started paddling, then the British Canoeing Star Awards are what you should be thinking of next. The star awards are best suited to paddlers aged 16 and over, where the Paddlepower Awards are best suited for the younger paddler. These awards cover the core fundamental movements and techniques, insuring the correct ingredients are added for you to develop as a paddler.

The British Canoeing 1 star and 2 star generic awards involve  paddling both canoe and kayak. This will enhance your development of your craft of choice.  By having this variety of experiences you will be able to then focus on what you want  to specialise in at the British Canoeing 3, 4 and 5 Star Awards.

These awards also act as prerequisites for other British Canoeing Awards. It is important to note that depending on your level of development  you do not need to start at the beginning and that you may be able to come straight in at different levels of the star awards.

For further learning, guidance or how to become a provider of these awards, please have a look through the folders below.

All provider resouces of British Canoeing  Star Awards are also available from the folders.

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