Leadership Awards

New Paddlesport Leader

In April 2017, British Canoeing will launch their new Paddlesport Leader qualification. This is aimed at paddlers taking on formal leadership responsibilities in benign, sheltered water environments and aims to support Leaders run safe, quality, enjoyable trips based on their group’s needs and aspirations. Paddlesport Leaders will need to show sound personal skills (approx. 3 Star standard) in at least one craft and their leadership skills will be assessed looking after paddlers in a range of craft, including mixed fleets. We anticipate that the award will be useful for Leaders in clubs, centres, commercial settings, schools, Duke of Edinburgh and youth/uniform groups.

Downloads for General Information on Paddlesport Leader are available in the folder below:

Downloads for Potential Paddlesport Leader Providers are available in the folder below:

4 and 5 Star Leadership Awards

Now that you are out paddling with your friends or club on a regular basis in moderate or advanced environments why not push yourself a little further and take part in one of the discipline specific British Canoeing 4 or 5 Star Leader Awards. Whether you want to be a leader or not, these moderate and advanced water awards will develop your skill, leadership and judgement in the discipline you paddle. The learning that you will gain by attending your course of choice will help expand your knowledge and further develop your paddling experience. These awards also act as pre requisites to other British Canoeing awards.

The British Canoeing 4 Star Award focuses on the personal skills, leadership and judgement for paddling moderate water. Performance at this level indicates that you have the skill level required to skillfully paddle and lead paddlers with a range of experience in the moderate water environment.

The British Canoeing 5 Star Award is the highest level performance & leadership award within British Canoeing. Performance at this level signifies that you as a paddler have a highly developed set of personal skills, leadership ability and judgement to lead paddlers with a range of experience, in advanced water environment conditions and situations.

For further guidance or information on how to become a provider of these awards, please  look through the folders below.

All provider resources for British Canoeing Leader Awards are available from the folders.