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Coach Award

In January 2018, British Canoeing will launch a number of significant restructuring and rebranding developments within the suite of our Coaching Qualifications. The British Canoeing ‘Coach Awards’ will supersede the current Level 2, Moderate/Advanced Water Endorsements and Discipline Support Modules. The Level 1, 3, and 4 Qualifications are to be renamed.

The development focuses on restructuring and creating discipline specific pathways available across all disciplines. This will significantly change the prerequisites and the pathway through taught and assessed elements.

Further details can be found British Canoeing Website.

Provider Recruitment

CANI will need a number of British Canoeing Coach Award Tutors and Assessors in order to deliver the Coach Award from the 1st January 2018. CANI the Delivery Centres is responsible for recruiting Coach Award Tutors and Assessors to meet specific workforce demands.

Successful applicants are required to commit to a development process before they are able to take on full responsibility for delivery of courses. This will include:

1. Coach Award Provider Orientation
2. Complete and evidence an (agreed) individualised action plan

The cost to attend the orientation is £150 (non-residential).

Interested providers should complete the application form in the link below.

CANI – Coach Award Tutor / Assessor Application

The application will need to be completed in one sitting so you may find it helpful to draft your answers offline first and then paste into the online form. To assist with this, you can download the Coach Award Tutor/Assessor Questions from the folder below.

You must apply to be considered, applications will close at noon on the 21st August 2017.

See folder below for further information and requirements.

Information for coaches

The Coach Award aims to offer discipline specific pathways across all disciplines.

The Coach Awards are designed for people whose core function is to coach paddlers who want to gain/improve paddlesport skills within the discipline chosen. This will include coaching beginners new to the sport, or paddlers looking to develop their skills in the given discipline/environment.

The Coach Award will supersede the current Level 2, Moderate/Advanced Water Endorsements (MWE/AWE) and Discipline Support Modules.

Coaches who are currently working towards the Level 2, Moderate/Advanced Water Endorsements will be moved into the Coach Award structure.

  • From 1st January 2018 coaches who have completed British Canoeing Level 2 training (UKCC) will be able to progress straight to the Coach Award Canoe and/or Kayak (Sheltered Water) assessment. The training can be at any point in the past, the expiry is not considered.
  • Coaches who complete Moderate or Advanced Water Endorsement training will be able to progress towards a Coach Award assessment (in the same discipline). They will not be required to complete the Core Coach Training or Discipline Specific training, but may have other assessment prerequisites to complete. The training can be at any point in the past, the expiry is not considered.

Coaches who qualify prior to the end of 2017 will not be affected. The Coach Award remits (and assessment standards) are comparable to the corresponding/current Level 2 and Moderate/ Advanced Water Endorsement.

Further details can be found British Canoeing Website.

The following links are of 2 videos that talk you through the details of the Coach Award.

Britsh Canoeing Coach Award

British Canoeing Coach Award – impact on existing coaches

British Canoeing Coaching Awards

The British Canoeing UKCC Coaching Scheme starts at Level 1 coach and goes through to Level 4 coach. The level 1 coach is a generic coach that can introduce people to the wide range of disciplines available in paddlesport. At level 2 coach you have the choice to do the award in canoe and kayak or just in canoe or kayak. This award equips you with the skills to develop paddlers over a series of 6 sessions.  As a level 2 coach you also have the option to branch out sideways in the award and become a moderate water or an advanced water endorsed level 2 coach in your discipline of choice. The level 3 coach is a discipline specific coach designed for those coaches in clubs and centres that are developing paadlers on a long term annual basis. The Level 4 is the highest level of coaching qualification offered by British Canoeing. It is targeted at coaches who wish to further develop the performance of the paddlers they coach, and who are operating at the forefront of paddlesport coaching.

For further information on awards and how to register please see folders below.

Allow 2 weeks for registration, registrations will be processed during office opening hours. At busy times of the year this may take longer.

For information on British Canoeing Awarding Body, follow the links below;

British Canoeing Awarding Body

British Canoeing Awarding Body Policy and Procedure Documents