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The Canoe Association of Northern Ireland recognises that our clubs and centres are a key factor in the development and growth of our sport and we value their commitment. It is important that all participants, particularly young people, have a quality introduction to Paddlesport with clear pathways to support progression, enabling everyone to reach their full potential. It is also important that the club offers an accessible environment where safe, effective, quality coaching and training practices are evident, in a welcoming environment.

The accreditation process ensures that a club operates to a set of consistent criteria based on minimum operating standards. CANI’s accreditation scheme is aligned to Sport Northern Ireland’s Clubmark N.I. The scheme enables clubs to plan their development so that these practices and principles become a part of everyday club life.

Clubmark N.I.
Clubmark N.I. is Sport Northern Ireland’s quality junior accreditation which demonstrates to sporting partners, local authorities, schools and parents, that a club meets the minimum operating standards to ensure clubs serve young people well, by offering a quality experience.

Junior sports clubs can achieve Clubmark N.I. accredited status by meeting minimum operating standards in the areas of:

  • Effective Management
  • Quality Coaching
  • Competition Safety in Sport.

Download the CANI Clubmark NI Minimum Operating Standards

How can my club get involved
Click Here to register for CANI Clubmark N.I. or alternatively contact your Participation and Club Development Officer at CANI.

The benefits of CANI Clubmark N.I.
CANI Clubmark N.I. accreditation will provide both intrinsic and extrinsic benefits and the benefits for paddlesport clubs are listed below:

Support and guidance
The supporting resources linked to the Clubmark N.I. programme will provide information and guidance for sports clubs in relation to Effective Management, Quality Coaching and Competition, and Safety in Sport.  These resources will be complimented by support and guidance from CANI and Local Authority sports development personnel.

Club development
CANI Clubmark N.I. is about helping clubs to develop and, by working towards accreditation, will assist them to adopt and implement effective policies and procedures, to deliver relevant and appropriate opportunities for participation and development, and to provide a safe environment for young people to take part in paddlesport.  It will support the development of effective partnerships which will enhance the capacity of canoe clubs.

Increased membership
By gaining accreditation, clubs may enhance their ability to recruit new members.  Being recognised as a Clubmark N.I. accredited club provides reassurance for parents/guardians that the club is progressive and has high standards.

Developing administrators, coaches and volunteers
Accreditation encourages clubs to identify and address the development needs of their administrators, coaches and volunteers.  Identifying suitable policies, procedures and training opportunities will have a positive impact on the personal and professional development of club volunteers and ensure that they are getting something back for their efforts.

Raising club profile
All CANI Clubmark N.I. accredited clubs will be listed on the CANI website under the Clubmark section and on Sport N.I. Clubmark N.I. webpage which will allow the public to search for appropriate clubs.  Accredited clubs will also be listed on the Northern Ireland Quality Club Database hosted on this website and case studies on selected accredited clubs will also be featured online.

One free Sport N I Coach Development and Education workshop will be available for a group of up to 20 coaches. Sport N I will deploy a Coach Educator to the club to deliver a coach development workshop of the club’s choice from the 16 options available. These workshops normally cost between £220 and £340.

A large (3m x 1.5m) ‘Clubmark NI Accredited Club’ banner will be provided to the club to display at their training venue to promote their new accredited status.  A framed Clubmark NI certificate will be presented to the club upon accreditation and the club will also be invited to attend a presentation event.

Use of the Clubmark NI logo – this will be made available to accredited clubs in electronic format for use on their website, letter heads and other club materials.

Additional Benefits from CANI:
Clubs achieving Clubmark N.I. accreditation through the CANI Clubmark N.I. scheme will receive the following recognition:

  • Presentation of CANI Clubmark N.I. framed certificate at a recognition ceremony.
  • Listed on the Clubmark section of the CANI website
  • Mentioned in the local media.
  • Additional support from Paddlesport Development Officers, Regional and Local Coaching Officers.
  • Discounted rates on many of the resources produced by Canoe England to support Paddlesport participation, available for sale from CANI. Paddlepower, Cross Stream and Curriculum support material.
  • CANI Clubmark N.I. will also provide the appropriate information to Sport N I to allow the club to be recognised as a quality club on the Clubmark N.I. webpage.  Sport N I will include accredited clubs on their database of Northern Ireland quality junior sports clubs.
  • Advertise on Outdoor NI Website

Accredited Clubs

Why not display the Sport N I Clubmark branding on your website, newsletters and headed paper? To download Clubmark logos please click here and start promoting, that your club reaches the Sport N I standards.